10 Knife Buffet Bundle (great for gifts)

The following knives are included along with the current price of each with a “fake total” of what they would be if you tried to buy them individually. 1. CJRB 1912 Feldspar $36 2. CJRB Centros Micarta 1905M $53 (Upgraded Titanium clip $20) 3. Civivi Riffle $42 4. Civivi Imperial Gold Shred $62 5. Kershaw (3445CU) Static Copper $76 6. CRKT Pilar 3 $43 7. SOG Terminus XR Red $49 8. Kizer Azo Vanguard Begleiter (V4458A2) $59 9. StatGear Ausus Brown Micarta $50 10. Bastion Gear Braza $55 Total Value - $486 At the price these are listed, you are getting them for $26 a knife, which is dirt cheap. Please Note: Couldn’t find the box for the Feldspar, but that’s the only one without original box. All knives are NIB except for the two Civivis. I think the Riffle was stropped but still like new in every way. The Imperial has a mirror edge. Still sharp and looks minty. Comes with a lanyard. The Micarta Centros has been upgraded to the titanium pocket clip. Original clip not included. Also, with this knife the lock up every now and then won’t lock all the way. If you open it firmly it locks with no problem. It only happens sometimes on a slow roll type opening. Could probably be tweaked but I don’t have time to mess with it. These knives are all an incredible value!

this item is no longer available